10 March 2005

Russian 2004 • Group Exhibit GREEN HOUSE GALLERY

Warm Autumn, Fyodor Zvonarev
Warm Autumn Posted by Hello


Blogger Marco said...

Dear Bob,
I would like to use some of these pics in my blog. I will include a reference to your blog everytime I use one. Is that ok for you?

10 March, 2005 21:19  
Blogger Bob Abrahams said...

Hi Marco

Yes it is OK, but please understand that the images and most of the comments in my BOABOBLOG http://boaboblog.blogspot.com/ are the outcome of my image research on the web and I do not own copyright. I cannot approve reproduction. I usually provide a link to original site so it should be OK

Whereas the images in MY ART BLOG http://bobsgallery.blogspot.com/ are all my own paintings and are definitely OK for you to reproduce in your Blog provided you insert a reference to my blog.

The material in MY HAIKU POETRY http://haikubob.blogspot.com/ should be OK


10 March, 2005 23:02  

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