07 September 2006

Kenn Backhaus - American Artist

“Telluride’s Gold, Ingram Falls”
Ken wrote
"I was invited to participate in the First Annual Telluride Plein Air Event. The event took place in Telluride, Colorado from June 29 – July 4, 2004. This scene of Ingram Falls can be seen from just about any place in the downtown area of Telluride. This was a morning scene and I choose to set up on West Columbia Street, looking towards the east. I was painting early one morning in the downtown area a couple of days prior, and happened to see the wonderful morning light and atmosphere looking towards Ingram Falls. Right then and there I decided I would set up another morning to try to capture this scene. During the painting process I used my digital camera to record the various stages from start to finish."

Demo here
Kenn Backhaus - American Artist


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