20 December 2007


Don Jusko says

"It's a concept. Once you are able to paint a full color painting with the transparent primaries you can add secondaries and a few tertiaries.

So you start with PY153 transparent yellow, PR122 transparent magenta and PB15.3 transparent cyan.

Transparent Primaries Posted by Hello

These colors are pure and can make any color you can see.

The next colors just make it a little easier to mix any color, an opaque light yellow, a yellow oxide, a translucent bt. sienna to neutralize ult blue, an orange, a red light and a darker warm red oxide. Next a transparent diox. purple and opaque cobalt blue plus a clean Thalo green Y/s. That's a very complete palette. There are no dirty colors like alizarin crimson or viridian or Prussian blue, if I want them dirty I can mix them dirty."
Further info here Real Color Wheel

More here

My own experience confirms that you can mix all colours with the just three primaries that Don suggests.

My palette for oils at the moment is
Tranaparent primaries
(as Don suggest above)
Phthalo Blue BS
Quinacradone Magenta
Indian Yellow

Opaque primaries
Ultra Marine Blue
Cad Red
Cad Yellow Light

When required
Phthalo Green YS, Cad Orangs, Dioxine Purple and Burnt Sienna

I try to mix my own earth colours from the above

Titanium White and Zinc White


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